Ben Shadgett


  • Ben has worked in Tasmania and Western Australia as a Trainer/Assessor/onsite supervisor, supporting workers by delivering courses and assessing their competence to work safely and comply with relevant Acts, Regulations,Standards and codes of practice relating to work health and safety.
  • Ben also has valuable knowledge, skills and abilities gained from providing rescue stand-by services and job safety supervision for a variety of industry types- Mining, Civil and Construction.
  • More recently he has been employed as a technical services manager where he was involved in the maintenance of life and rescue safety products,sales and installation of safety systems.
  • Ben has great experience and abilities to fault find on a range of life support products, is resourceful in locating, interpreting and applying technical information, has a strong network for advice and guidance, and is a very practical, determined person who has a very positive can do attitude.
  • His customer interactions often contain good humour, excellent advice and interactions without customer obligation.
  • Ben is qualified in first aid and a number of rescue disciplines including confined space and vertical rescue.
  • Ben holds a diverse set of certificates including:
    • Certificate IV – Trainer and Assessor
    • Latchway’s Certified Installer
    • Accredited Sayfa Systems Installer (roof access and fall arrest rated systems)
    • MSA and BW Honeywell gas detection Certified Technician
    • Scott SCBA Certified Technician
    • Tasmanian service agent for Zero fall arrest rated products

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