Confined Space Rescue – 1 Day


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Confined Space Rescue Training – 1 Day Package

Pre requisites: 

Any participants completing the Confined Space Rescue training unit must also have completed Operate Breathing Apparatus MSMWHS216 and Enter & Work in Confined Spaces RIIWHS202D as a prerequisite to this course. This requirement is based on the prior skills and knowledge required to successfully obtain this Statement of Attainment. 

Course Objectives: 

  • To enable participants to conduct pre-inspection tests on breathing apparatus, as well as to safely operate and safely conclude breathing apparatus operations.
  • Prepare and control a permit site, as well as taking appropriate action for potential incident/s
  • To enable participants to identify range & scope of work covered by permit, undertake work strictly in accordance with permit, obtain appropriate sign off’s, prepare & control a permit site, as well as taking appropriate action for potential incident/s.
  • Prepare for gas testing, test atmospheres andf maintain equipment in accordance with legislative requirements
  • Provide the knowledge and skills to safely enter and work in confined spaces, avoiding exposure to hazardous substances, flammables or explosive conditions or other health and safety issues.
  • To enable participants to prepare for confined space rescue operation, assess and manage confined space/trench rescue, determine location and condition of casualties, gain entry to confined space, remove casualties & conclude rescue operations


Training Venues:

281 Gravelly Beach road,

Gravelly Beach, Tasmania, 7276.


Course Time:

0800 am to 1630 pm (8 hours)



Participants will be assessed via a questionnaire and practical demonstration of skills. Participants with literacy/numeracy difficulties or physical conditions should speak with the Trainer to discuss alternative assessment approaches. Applicants will be required to undertake physical activity to meet all the assessment criteria to a satisfactory level.



On successful completion, each participant will be issued with a Statement of Attainments below:

Operate Breathing Apparatus MSMWHS216
Gas Test Atmospheres MSMWHS217
Observe Permit Work MSAPMPER202A
Work in Accordance with an Issued Permit MSAPMPER200C
Enter and Work in Confined Spaces RIIWHS202D
Undertake Confined Space Rescue PUASAR025A


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